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StopMotionsolo is a musician from New York turned Journalist. His aim is to document events and topics related to, social, economic and political justice. Having studied Mass Media in school Stop Motion has an understanding of the political and advertising influences which may affect many news agencies. Therefore, in keeping with a desire to present a fresh perspective to the news event, I decided to do it myself. Matt pledges to report on each event as he sees it, in real time via the internet.

To date my work has been referenced by The New York Times, The Gothamist, Fox News (click where it says “In The Tape”, Reuters (via a tweet with a link), Business Insider, and DemocracyNow!

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Most importantly, a hearty thank you to all of my viewers, followers, and fans. Your support of my efforts means a great deal and if nothing more; I’m glad I can at least present another perspective on things.