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Very Biased Coverage of Los Angeles based activism. This channel is not intended for younger audiences. Some graphic violence and police brutality, as well as adult language. Unedited truth. You can contact me at and follow me @PMbeers on Twitter
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Negative comments directed at individuals or groups of people will not be tolerated in the chat. You are welcome to trash talk corporations, police or government but attacks or insults on individuals will not be tolerated.

No one has permission to use ANY of the footage I recorded here with out my express permission. Anyone caught using my footage for commercial reasons will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. None of the footage shot by PMbeers may be used for any main stream media broadcast. Upon request I will share footage with anyone who supports the actions depicted in the footage. If you get paid for the use of the footage I expect compensation. If you do not get paid then the footage is your to use for free.