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I occupy because I believe we can change the world if we come together and try to find common ground. This stream will cover events in Los Angeles and Southern California.

I truly believe the video camera is a our greatest weapon in this new frontier of political uprising. However, we must be careful in how we use ths technology, as we must remember we are using it to protect ourselves, and show the world what is going on in REAL LIFE, not the fabricated matrix they call “Television”. The cold hard truth is the system has caught onto us sharing this information with the masses, and is attempting to use it against us. We have to use good judgement, we need to remember that sometimes people around us, on the scene, are more important in that moment than who can see it on a stream. Why? Because being on the front lines with them, means I am there to protect them.

Remember sometimes what you hear is not at all what you see.

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